Jake Pospischil



Hi, I'm Jake.

I'm a web & application developer, animator, and occasional designer based in Brisbane, Queensland.

I use front-end web technologies like JavaScript & jQuery, HTML5 / canvas, CSS, and Flash / ActionScript.

I'm also experienced with back-end languages such as PHP and MySQL, and a variety of application development languages, including Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android), and C# (Windows).

I am passionate about web standards, responsive web design, usability & accessibility, and writing clean, maintainable code. I program efficiently and deliver projects on time and on budget, from simple brochureware websites to large-scale applications.

I am currently doing freelance work for a number of Brisbane-based marketing and advertising agencies, and have worked in the marketing industry for 5 years.

My work has been showcased on Communication Arts and Design Licks, and has won awards in the New York W3 Awards, and the Brisbane Advertising and Design Club Awards.

The Premise

The Premise

  • W3 – Website; Food & Beverage: Gold
  • W3 – Online campaign; Food & Beverage: Gold
  • BADC – Digital and New Media - Microsites: Silver
  • Communication Arts: Webpick of the day
  • Design Licks: Site of the Day
The Enforcer's Car Protection Agency

The Enforcer's Car Protection Agency

  • W3 – Website Features; Homepage: Gold
  • W3 – Website Features; Visual appeal: Gold
  • W3 – Website; Consumer Goods: Gold
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